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With our diverse team of medical experts, trainers and educators in the field and highly experienced business professionals Menopause Alliance Australia is committed to helping you enable a menopause inclusive business by:

Engaging and providing guidance with implementing a workplace policy to reflect menopause.
Certified evidence-based education and training (from seminars to webinars, workshops, and education material).
Advice and valuable support options tailored to your workplace.
Customised eLearning modules.
On-site and online resources.

You can also be recognised with our endorsement badge as a Menopause Inclusive Workplace, to highlight your organisation's commitment to inclusivity across all life stages.

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Attract, nurture & retain talent

Lower absentee levels

Increased productivity

Stable workforce

Increased performance & financial success

Fosters gender equality

Improves employee engagement

Reduces risk of legal issues

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Top stat 22
Top stat 32
Mid stat 12
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Help us to empower women and improve their quality of life before, during and after menopause.

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